April 02, 2006


Things are going well recently. When I say "well" ofcourse I actually mean "not disastrous...".
Soon I will have my hasselblad body (YES, finally!!!).
And more over: I am planning to leave England (but hush hush, my boss is not allowed to know yet). I've had enough of the place. It just isn't for me...
It's a shame really because the work is actually quite good. I mean, where else in the world do you get the opportunity to develop the newest aircraft, besides Boeing that is...?
I managed to get hold of an Epson R1800 printer. I'm still working out how to get good prints out of it though. A friend of mine, Jeff, send me some special Japan exclusive print paper. One type is Epson Crispia, which (so far) is only available in Japan, but I heard rumours that the same paper will be released here in the UK soon (only 1,5 year late, like usual with any products to be released in the UK, if they are released at all... One other reason to leave this not-only-god- forsaken place). He also send me some Fujifilm super photo grade print paper. A hefty 320gsm paper, with glossy coating. sweeeet....
Actually it turns out the Crispia is giving way better results on the R1800 (although I do have some finger troubles when it comes to color management), but I will tell all about that later.
Jeff also send me some Fujifilm Fortia SP 120 roll film! The stuff is absolutely wonderful!!! I tried some last year and I love it! Time for Fuji to release it in Europe as well!!! I stocked up for the stuff because it is getting harder to get in Japan as well.

My older 2100 printer will be converted to B&W using the Lyson Daylight Darkroom kit for my Mac. I'm keen to see results on that, but it may be a while before I can print because I have to put the printer on the other side of the room (they're both A3+ printers and pretty big. Can't put both on my nightstand...)

This summer I'll be getting my hands on an Epson V750 flatbed/film scanner. I've read some pretty darn good reviews of the V700, so I have high hopes for the V750.
All these developments make me want to stick to good'ol film photography (Large Format and Medium Format. I have a good digital for 35mm)

Soon I'll be going on holiday as well. 2 more weeks until I see Tina again in Taiwan. Can't wait! You don't know how much I need a holiday. I thought I would manage after a nice Christmas break, but I'm about to collapse into a bloody pulp !!!(you want to pick me up? Try a spatula!)

My friend Donny and his Wife Taz are in the Caribbean. Don has his diving license (standard diving, I think up to 30m deep, can't recall what the basic license is called). Good for him! I'm sure he'll see some fancy things under water, and I hope to see some great underwater shots!

My mate Chris is getting married this summer, or is it autumn? Anyway, we've all seen this coming for some time now, and I wonder if he is getting nervous...
To be honest I doubt it. He and Berit are nuts about each other and they are a perfect match if there is such a thing. I think "anxious" is a better word for it...

Some carp also keeps happening ofcourse. My headphone died... Why is this bad you think? Well, I can't have voice conversations now with Tina and my friends abroad! That's what's wrong with that!
Also my joystick seemed to have died after a 3 year period of intense use. No, I am not talking about the organic one, I'm talking about one of those devices for the PC! Suddenly yesterday it stopped working. If I would reinsert a new battery (it is wireless) it would light up briefly and then nothing. I think there is a problem with the part that provides the communication with the PC (again, wireless). Else it has held up pretty amazingly good I have to say! Too bad that this stupid wireless feature has given in... Again, why is this bad? Because I can't play with my fcuking flightsim that's what!!!!!

Anyway, time for bed...