January 08, 2008

Illni and viri

What does that mean? Well, illni is plural for illness, and same for viri (coming from virus).
It seems tobe a world wide epidemic. Maybe another terrorist attack from Al-Qaeda; Give people the flu or teh common cold! Maybe they will cough themselves to death!!!
Starnge though. They tried anthrax withhout success... Well, i guess common cold does work, but doubt many people will die because of it...
Anyway. I too have been struck by teh common cold. I don't think I mentioned it in my previous post, but a few days before x-mas, I managed to get knocked of my socket by the common cold. Took until after new years eve to recover (I'm still coughing). So, I couldn't go home, was ill, and had no friends in a 500 mile radius to help me out!!!
Well, THAT year is now over. New year, new chances.
Its funny though that this time everyone is hit so hard by the common cold and flu. Just about every colleague and friend had it or is in the process of having it. It's also interesting that it going abroad as well!
At least I can say I spend the whole x-mas holiday horizontal, hot and sweaty! Unfortunately not in the right way...!!!