May 29, 2006

Finally an update!

Yes, it's been a while, but here is another update, finally!

A lot has happened since my last update. My superiours want to promote me in the next few months or so.
Mean time I am also looking to buy a house. Yep, my first step into the world of mortgages!

I've recently Acquired a Canon EOS 5D. I hope I'll be able to use it soon-ishly... Though with buying a house there will be few trips abroad I think.

Today I decided to print some photos I made during the last few times I went to Taiwan (I still have some stuff to write about those trips). A few months back I got myself an Epson R1800. from reviews I could see too little difference between the R1800 and R2400, although the extra grey cartridge would make the prints a bit closer to spot on I guess. Well, at least I won't have to switch cartridges when I decide to print on Matt paper, as the R1800 has a photo black and a matt black permanently installed.
The first prints I made a month or two ago, were just slightly off. I just couldn't get them right. People suggested to buy a calibrator for my monitor (iMac G5 LCD screen). I almost did, until today... After making some pretty brilliant prints, I decided to try one cross process print again. It is a photo of the peace park in Taipei just before dusk. It looks pretty surreal in cross processing. Teh frist time I had a green colour cast, although it was fairly close to the screen. This tiem I tried again, thinking I can always give one away. To my surprice after not having used the printer a week or 6-8, the print turned out to be spot on compared to the screen!!! I was overjoyed! So that saved me another 150 GBP worth of calibration tools... (I KNEW my eye sight wasn't that bad yet...)
Anyway, I have included some of the photos I printed for you guys to enjoy. Pay attention to the cross processed pics, I'm quite proud of those, even if I say so myself...

Taxi speeding by on the nightly streets of Taipei...

Taipei story house...

Bus in Taipei

Gate on Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall square at dusk.

Palm trees in Taipei

Black & White roof top on Green Island

Black & White Lantern on the coast of Taiwan

Mud pool...

That's all for now folks...