April 17, 2008


We have all seen the news, and the stories on the olympic torch.
I'd like to just say I totally disagree with these actions!!! It's disgraceful and tasteless!
Although I am interested in China and it's culture, I do disagree with their politics from time to time. So too with the Tibet and Taiwan issues.
However, this link:
shows us how bad things have become.
The article tells how a DISABLED WOMAN carrying the torch for the paralympics, got beat up by a pro-Tibet protester!!!
It is one thing to protest against China's actions in Tibet, but the attack on the most important sporting event in the world is just outrageous!
People actually try to steal the olympic torch from decent honest athletes! In this particular article a disabled woman was hit by one of those disgusting creatures. How can you talk about oppression, when you yourself attack a disabled woman!
Be ashamed! Be very, very ashamed!

Let everyone know that I cannot support any pro-tibetan protesters any longer until they have PROPERLY apologized and atoned for their despicable behavior!
Also, I think the guy who hit the woman in this article, should be hang on the highest tree, split into fours, beheaded and burned in a pile of poo!

Let the olympics be held, let it be a joyous occasion, and let us all come together as good and fair sportsmen. This is what the olympics is about: uniting people form all corners of the world, with all kinds of religions and cultures. This one event binds us all together. Lets not destroy this last bit of common good we have left in this world...

As if this is not enough, British police is clearly not up to speed with the law.
In the UK it is the law that the police is not allowed to take any action in ANY shape or form against people filming or photographing in public. Increasing numbers of amateur photographers and professionals alike are being threatened, searched, and even robbed of their equipment by police, because of "suspicious behaviour" (read: making a photograph with an SLR type camera). Although their suspicion is understandable with the current threats of terrorists and pedophiles, there is still something called "the law" and the police is supposed to UPHOLD the law,not BREAK it.

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