November 19, 2004


Today I saw an interesting film 'A river runs through it', with Brad Pitt. The story is basically about two brothers who grow up in Montana and have a passion for fly-fishing. One leaves to study english literature, the other stays behind (and gets into gambling and drinking). Though probably classified as a drama, it isn't really dramatic. It is quite striking though, the peace and calmness the film radiates. The film is set in gorgeous nature.

Why do I mention this? It makes me realise how much I like travelling. I want to see soo much more than I have done so far. I've had it with Europe for a while. I want to go to Japan, partly thanks to Jeff, who started sushicam many a year ago ( China would be interesting, but not Shanghai. I've been there, but the city doesn't appeal to me very much. Taiwan is also an option. I like Taiwan. Nice people, nice food.

There is another reason why I like travelling and it is probably a very unimaginable reason.
It reminds me who I am, and where I come from, where my home really is. I might not be there now, and it may be a sh!thole sometimes, but it is home, and there is only one home...
So why don't I just go home? That's because you don't realise what you miss until you miss it, even if the place you live in now, is many times better. I didn't know how fast to get away from Holland, but I do miss it now. And remember when you were a child, that you didn't always go to Mc Donalds, or got candy. And when you did, it was the greatest thing ever! That is how it feels to go home. The sweetness of coming home... There is nothing quite like it.
I haven't been home for almost a year now. When I do get home, it will be exactly a year ago. And that while it is only 100GBP away... So why don't I go home more often? Because I like places I haven't seen before...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kryn, Pachipro here. Nice blog you've started. Gotta start one of my own. Wonder if anyone would be interested in my time in Japan some years ago besides the people on "sushicam"?

I understand what you mean by travelling. It makes one realize how much more there is to life and this planet we live on besides the place we were born in.

It's amazing how alot of people make their backyard their world. I prefer to make the world my backyard.

I have been to quite a few countries in Asia and South America, but for some unknown reason I feel that Japan is my real home even though I am now living in the states and it is where I was born.

I was born and raised in New York City, but I have no desire to go back there. If my family didn't still live there I don't think I would ever go back. Maybe I lost the desire after the house I was born and raised in was sold. I feel that a part of my life is now gone forever.

Some famous writer once said "You can never go home again." I guess he ment that one cannot re-live past childhood memories as things never remain the same.

However, I completely understand what you ment when you wrote "The sweetness of coming home... There is nothing quite like it." That's exactly how I feel when I take my yearly visit to Japan. I started living there when I was 18 and left when I was 34. My entire adult life was spent in Japan. So maybe that's why I feel it is my home.

Isn't it strange that a person can relate to and love a country they weren't even born in as their home? I wonder about that sometimes.