December 28, 2007

Black 'n white mayhem

Another update...
Seems like my updates always come in groups rather than one every week or every two weeks or so.
This time I have included some B&W pics. 2 are of my idiot brother, the rest is pretty much travel related.
Since I make my photos in RAW, it gives me more control over the conversion process. Sometimes I do set the camera to B&W, but if you only take RAW, this is pretty much useless, as the RAW image will take literally the RAW data from the camera, uncompressed and unprocessed. This means that when you upload the image to your PC, all the settings you used, will have been discarded. A little annoying, which is why I prefer to make JPEGs with the RAW. Especially since I prefer a minimum amount of post processing, this method gives me the option of choosing an unprocessed JPEG or a RAW that I then process in Photoshop.
Anyway, enjoy these new entries...


steffen portrait.jpg

roof to panorama.jpg

plants in waterBW.jpg

martyr shrine  003.jpg

martyr shrine  002.jpg

martyr shrine  001.jpg



Rolls Royce.jpg

1 comment:

Donny said...

Great photo's Kryn!
I've already seen some of them, and yeah, I must admit, that since I've tried some B&W photo's again in NYC, recognise the beauty of B&W once more.

Oh and,'Razor' is on it's way by mail order.
But I'll be damned that you've seen it first! ;P

Have a good New Years Eve!