July 15, 2008

G8 Vomit

Yesterday started the G8 summit in Japan, where the world leaders come together with their private business jets, driving limousines through the centre of Hokkaido during rush hours, to discuss global warming, fuel prices and reduction of the carbon footprint, where they kick-start the meeting over a 6 course lunch. They will also discuss the world food crisis, food wastage and hunger in Africa over an 18 course dinner.

By the way, for those who didn't know, Bush's private jet is Airfarce 1, which is a full sized 747-100 (no, not the more efficient -400 version), but Gordon surpasses him by flying a fully restored Vulcan nuclear interceptor!

In the mean time, governments worry about obesity under house pets. So better stop feeding your goldfish so much food!

In the mean time, the Dutch government raises taxes and increases financial pressure on the population under the motivation of relieving the lower incomes. Also, they decided to abandon support for single women with children under the age of 5, in an attempt to get those single mothers to go back to school or get a job. Maybe they think that as a result those single mothers will abandon their babies at donor institutes, so these medical facilities don't need to clone embryos for spare parts for people that get lung cancer from smoking, or loose a liver due to excessive drinking.

It all makes sense...

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