April 30, 2009

Black day on Dutch Queen's day

Today was a black day for Holland.
Normally the 30th of April is a day of joy and celebration as we celebrate the coming of age of our beloved Queen.
Today that joyful day came to a bitter end when a 38 year old man drove his car straight through the crowd and fencing in an attempt to ram the bus containing the Dutch Royal family was driving passed.
At the time I am writing this, the casualties comprise 4 dead and 21 wounded, of which 7 critical.

According to news reports the man (native dutch) was supposed to have been fired by the security agency he worked for, something rather unlikely as there is currently a shortage of security personnel in Holland. The man also recently received a letter from his landlord, informing him he would be evicted if he did not pay his rent by the 1st of May. Such letters are usually headed "In name of the Queen".
According to the same news reports, the man was not known with the police so didn't have a criminal record. He was also not intoxicated (stoned, high, drunk), nor did he seem not-sane. So currently people believe the man was well aware what he was doing, and seemed to have done so deliberately.

Personally I am shocked and disgusted by this tragic event! My thoughts go out to the families affected by this horrible day.
In Holland the Royal family is considered a symbol for all that is good, decent, and honourable. They are a true model for society, and generally they are loved by all.
Having killed 4 people deliberately and severely injured many others, the man deserves the most severe penalty in Holland (which is life imprisonment). Furthermore, since this is considered an attack on the Royal house, I hope they find a hidden law remaining from the last world war, that states any person attacking the royal house must be shot, as this man deserves nothing less!


taz said...

I was shocked as well, Why...
This man deserve to die to, he is comatose in the hospital now.
I hope he never wakes up again.

Grtz Taz

Kryn said...

actually, I hope his coma ends very very quickly. This guy does not deserve life support from this country.