September 04, 2006

time time time

More has happened...

I'm still working on buying my house. My rather "brilliant" mortgage lender decided to value my house including the garage that was supposed to come with the house. However, I made an offer excluding the garage so they should have left it out of the valuation. Then I got to hear I would get the garage anyway, which brought joy to my life. That joy was short lived when I found out that the reason why I get it is because there are no owner papers of the garage (well, no deeds anyway). So that was pretty much a dead bird... Now my solicitor told me the mortgage lender had to agree with the current situation (no garage). Honestly they should have done so before. Now they waisted a lot of time and money unnecessarily. If the sale falls through due to the inaptness of the mortgage company I will claim back the costs I had because of them wrongly valuating the house. Well, not only will I claim back those costs, I will also claim back the potential profit I could have made on the house (but then again, if I could have made the profit they would not have withdrawn the mortgage offer).
As with everything in this fcuked up country I have to wait.... AGAIN!
Well, as long as I can move in on the 15th, because I need the time to create a kitchen (well, half a kitchen anyway). If it is later it will have to be delayed until after I come back from holiday. I do not want to buy a house the day before I go on holiday and have EVERYTHING to sort out. So the 15th is my deadline, and otherwise it will be the 15th of october.

That leads me to the third part: holiday... God I need one!!!!
I'm planning to go to Taiwan again. Not to see Tina though, not this time.
Will see some others though... I look forward to some time to relax. 3 weeks left...

Ah, recently MSN works so shite that I am thinking of blowing up microsoft and all that is related to it!!! Let Apple dominate the market for a while (read: forever!).

In 3 weeks minus a few days my good friend Chris is getting married. I'm looking forward to attending their wedding. I'd love to make some pics of them!
I will very much enjoy that actually.

Ok, enough for now. I'm pissed off, so will go out and beat up some gabbers or something...

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