June 19, 2007

It's time...

I need a change... Lots is happening and my future is a little uncertain at the moment. I'm praying to absolutely every deity I can think of, and I'm even sacrificing small goats to obtain some positive results.
I'm trying to get to China through the company.
I dearly hope my application will be successful. Lately I have been feeling tired, very tired. Stress at work is eating away at me, the one week holiday was definitely not enough! I need a change
I'm feel stretched thin, like too little butter over too much bread. I need a change.

I discovered "hyves", a dutch community web thingy, that allows you to find old friends long gone, and new ones. Its mostly dutch (although the interface is english ofcourse). I found friends I tried to stay in touch with, but due to lack of recent email addresses have not been able to. That has changed now.
The world around my friends is changing. They are all getting married or already married. SOem are having children. Yet here I am...
I need a change...

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