June 17, 2007

revamped face

Well, I decided to revamp my blog a bit.
I started looking around for templates to use with blogger. I found loads of them, but they weren't all that brilliant. I found one that looked good, so I grabbed it, and hereby thanks to the guys that made it. I tweaked it a lot and it doesn't look that much like the original.
I also will need to adjust the header still. Although I like the pic etc, I don't like the frame around it that much and I need to figure out how I can create my own frame around a box or column or whatever.
Actually I'd like to work more with flash, as I really like what you can do with it. Unfortunately I have two left hands when it comes to programming and related stuff, so not sure if I will able to pull anything off...
Some links in this template I still need to address as they point to things from the original designer. Well, I guess he won't mind for the moment as the site he uses to explain how to use blogs, plus he gets some credits as well, etc.
Another thing is I would like to add some pics to the side of the text, or mix them decently with text. Not sure how to do that yet.

Someone I know uses MS word to edit his website. The guy is into art. He made a few semi abstract paintings, some better than others, and he has made "paintings" using tin cans and bottle caps as well. Very creative! But honestly, his website leaves much to desire. I don't want to tell him what to do though. It's his web site and he should do with it what he wants. Interestingly he says he doesn't like painting or any of that art stuff he is doing. He just does it to obtain the result. Kind of a necessary evil he says...
That reminds me, I still haven't told Donny on what to do with his website. He has a good basic design, but for a pro photographer he really needs to be more selective as to what he puts on his portfolio.

I may post more later. I think today I'll do some photo editing and putting up those pics on flickr.

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