December 08, 2006

kitchen is operational!

Yes! I can cook!!! Last week the crogi guy came around to istall my gas hob. For those who don't know what corgi is, it is a national organisation that monitors and controls the correct installation of anything related to gas. Considering the risks involved in gas, ENgland wanted to make sure that gas applications are installed by those who are qualified. So if you use a corgi registered engineer, not only are you ensured that all goes by the building regulations, but also will the guy perform to a minimum set standard, which means you get quality for your money.
The guy that installed my gas hob was a nice guy. Seemed to know his stuff and was generally friendly. I can recommend him.
And after less than an hour my gas hob was operational. I installed the oven myself, as well as some cabinets.
This time I managed to upload some pics of the construction of my kitchen...

Original state of the kitchen.

After removing the old tiles, rewiring and plastering.

Finished plastering and painting the kitchen.

The floor is tiled and sockets are fitted.

Erected some cabinets.

Gas hob fitted on the solid oak wood work top, which was oiled with Danish oil.

Done! Oven and hob fitted, cabinets fitted. Kitchen is operational!

Steffen: look at the worktop. Solid oak from Ikea, oiled with Danish oil! What do you mean dark?!? Dark my ass! Listen to your brother!


Azim said...

Looks like You do quality work :-) You appear to be a professional, not a DIYourselfer

Kryn said...

Hi Azim, seems a long time ago!. Thx for the compliment. It's pretty tough work doing everything by yourself though... I'll try to post some new pics soon...

jin said...

Hi, it's Jin.
It looks cool. Have you done by yourself? It's glad to hear you like cooking and interested in Asian cousine.

Kryn said...

Hi Jin, yes, I did. Actually it isn't finished. I need an extractor hood and then there are some really small things I need to finish.