November 18, 2006

...and some more DIY...

Well, it seems like all I do is work sleep and do DIY...
I've been doing lots of work on my house, and I finally seem some light at the end of the tunnel. Well, for my kitchen anyway.
Monday I need to call a gas engineer to fit piping for gas and connect my gas hob. Tomorrow I will re-fit some electrical sockets and connector boxes in the kitchen, and hopefully I can also fit the work top.
Earlier in the week I bought a solid wooden oak work top from Ikea (really cheap those guys!!!). I have been oiling it, and although I am not quite finished yet, I did manage to get about 3 layers on it so far (on the bottom. two on the top side). one more coat on the bottom tomorrow and then at the end of the day I can install my work top as well (^_^)
once the gas hob is fitted, I can put the oven and the fridge in teh kitchen and it is done!!! Well, except for the extractor fan, but that will come in due time.
So basically, if I get my kitchen operational next weekend (hopefully), I can concentrate on the bedrooms. Luckily they don't need that much work. I need to replace the broken floor boards and after that I need to sand the floor, paint the walls and wax the floor. Laborous but should take much less time than the kitchen. Maybe I can even get the bedrooms ready by x-mas! that would be great because then i can get the living room cleared up and empty, and I can perhaps spend some time in the holidays to restore the fireplace and pt down a new floor. Ideally I can do that before the holiday as well, but lts face it, that is just not realistic.

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