October 23, 2006

house plans

thanks guys...
there is really a lot I need to do on my house and when you look at the total picture it can become pretty depressing! Especially when you start thinking building regulations (and you know some of the house is not up to spec).
Well, basically the extension of the house is not really up to spec, but I cannot change that unless I spend another 10k GBP or so, so for the moment I decided to live with it and just make the best of it. I had to rewire some of the kitchen electrics, and I still need to finish that. Hopefully I can finish that tomorrow, and then finish plastering the wall (finally!!!). Once I finished plastering, I need to go over it again with sanding filler of some sort, so I can smooth the whole wall. After that seal it with some PVA/water mixture, and then I can finally paint it (by then it is weekend). So far I think I spend some 300 GBP on DIY materials alone (so no tools etc). I hope one coat of paint will be enough because the plaster needs to dry for 3 days (making it thursday), then the sealer takes one day (on friday) so saturday painting, and hopefully that is just one coat. On sunday start tiling the floor if things go my way, otherwise a second coat of paint and start tiling on monday evening. Hopefully by the weekend after that (2 weeks from now) I can start placing cabinets in the kitchen. Only base cabinets so not too hard. I also hope the wiring for the cooker is in good shape. I need to check that before I hardwire the oven in. The circuit breaker continuously popped each time I flipped it back on. However, I think this was because of a burned out socket box. I took it off, and it was blackened on the live connection, and the earth lead also broke off. The socket was not rated for the cooker so I think it just burned through. Maybe it couldn't cope with the electrical load. However, it also contained a resident called Reggie the 3rd, my 8 legged friend of several cm's in diameter. Anyway, I am surprised he survived there, especially with a short circuiting socket!!! Well, now Reggie has left the building and so did the dodgy socket. SO fingers crossed.
I am also working on one of the bedrooms. My friend (and now also neighbour) convinced me to restore the fireplace in that room (every room has a fireplace that has been sealed by the previous owner) and to restore the floor. This isn't too difficult. I need to replace a few floor boards, and then sand the whole thing and wax it. Will look good, and with a good fireplace front, it will be even better. ALthough I won't decorate the room english style I have to say, because I really don't like that, I prefer oriental style. Howevre, a wooden floor and fireplace is not too bad, as longas I keep itsimple. Plus those features will increase the value of my house with some 10k! (and cost me only a couple of 100 GBP).
The second bedroom will get the same treatment. The ground floor I will put a bamboo floor on. I told Chris he could get lost with his original floor, even if it is in good condition! My house, my floor, my design. One thing though, downstairs I will do the same as Chris if posisble: there are two fireplaces downstair. One I will keep as fireplace (after removing the gas heater in one of them), the other I will put a wood burner in. Those wood burners are very efficient as they make the house really warm, and cheap fuel (wood). Together with the bamboo floor and my chinese scrolls etc it will look lovely!!! can't wait to finish it!!!

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