September 23, 2004

Disaster struck!

It was bound to happen... My PC crashed... It happened during an update of Windows XP (SP2 was the update). I ended up reinstalling XP, but to my surprise, XP no longer recognised my E-drive. Now you should know that I have 3 physical harddrives, each un partitioned. After the crash I could still use all 3 harddrives, but after the reinstallation XP no longer could see anything on my E-drive. It considered the drive 'unformatted' and asked me if I wanted to format it. Knowing ofcourse that during the installation I didn't do anything to it, and therefore assuming all data was still there intact, I said 'no'. Strangely XP never asked me if I wanted the E partition reset, neither did it tell me it would do so. Nonetheless I lost my E-drive. I am still trying to recover the data on it but I think it is a loss. It annoys me a lot as it contains a lot of photos, some of which I hadn't backed up yet. I didn't consider backing it up necessary as it was a separate drive and XP should have left it alone... 'should have'... but it didn't... *sigh*
Surprisingly support does answer my emails, but ofcourse after giving them a full detailed description of what happened, up to every single click, in chronological order, including information on what kind of windows CD I used etc, they still come back with a reply like I am a moron! They asked me if I used a recovery disk, because those disks format every harddrive on your system. That was all they said... So basically they hadn't read my email, so I asked them to cut the crap and just get to the point. I told them I'm not a moron as I gave them every single piece of info they would ever need or even not need! (short of my Credit card details ofcourse) I asked them if they could just tell me how to fix the problem and not try to hold me off with useless questions that they already have the answer of.
We'll see what happens...

Mean time, I still need to learn how to make something of my weblog. I want to insert pictures and add menus etc. If there is anyone that can give me some advice, hints or tips I would be very grateful!

Some good news: My holiday is only 1, well... actually only half a day away. On sunday I am going to Shanghai, China! I can't wait! I'm sure I can make some lovely photos there.

Mean time I found a very good blog:
The images are amazing!!! When I find out how, I will add that one to my links section...

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