September 13, 2004

Where to start...?

Ok, this is my very first blog, so please be gentle...
For a while now I have wanted to create a Weblog, and I think this service allows me to do so. I wish I found out about this 4 years ago, when I started working in England!
During those 4 years a lot has happened that I would have like to share with you. Tough luck I guess, but it is possible that I still come up with some of the "adventures" I had.

Today I realised that I really need a holiday, and I mean REALLY really, because when I left I started making that sound Islamic women always make when they celebrate something. Come to think of it... it does sound rather much like my phone on my desk at work...
Well, 13 days left, and I'll be in Shanghai! Just for holiday this time, but I do plan to go there permanently. I'd love to work and live there for a few years.

I hope those typhoons and hurricanes are gonna stop sometime soon. Taiwan is still being pestered by one, and Southern China is suffering as well, not to mention Japan... Shanghai isn't suffering too much, but there's plenty of rain at the moment. It better be gone when I get there!!!

Well, it isn't much for my first entry, but I'm still reading up on all the tricks I can do with this weblog (sorry, I'm a bit of a website/weblog virgin...), more importantly, I'm hungry and I'm gonna get some food!

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